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Our Mission

Simply put, Intrepid Insight is a group of people solving interesting problems for good causes, and discussing the methods used along the way. Our focus is on small businesses, charities and local governments, although we are open to help whoever contacts us. At the moment, Intrepid Insight, or I2 as we like to call it, is an association not intending or attempting to make a profit.

Our main goal in our first year in existence is to fill our website with interesting and freely available content. We plan to post blog posts, how-to articles and interactive tools that will be free for anyone who happens by our square of the web.

Our second goal is to establish ourselves as an inexpensive (in most cases free!) option for clients pursuing good causes. To this end, the first 18 projects we choose to undertake will be completely without charge (update: we have only performed 3 projects so far, so we still have 15 free projects available!). We call this the Intrepid 18 Initiative. If you are a small business, charity, non-profit or city government, we encourage you to submit a request either through our contact us form or directly to any of our team members. In the request, mention your organization, your position, and a brief synopsis of the project and who it is intended to benefit.

At this point the reader probably has two questions: The first: “What types of things will Intrepid Insight actually do?” Well, my dear reader, without pigeonholing ourselves too much, we are mainly focused on providing recommendations, process improvements, technical advice, policy recommendations, statistical help, data analysis, and small-scale applications for internal use. Like we said before, this is not an exhaustive list. Give us a problem to solve. The worst thing that can happen is we admit we have more to learn. The second: “What things qualify as ‘good’?” Well, this is more subjective question. Generally, we define good as performing some civic role or fulfilling some pressing need, generally in a not-for-profit capacity. However, even for-profit businesses pursue civic and charitable projects, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us regarding a project if you are a for-profit business. As part of our Intrepid 18 initiative, we are extending our free services to cover small businesses, even ones that are not expressly doing a charitable project.

As a rule of thumb, if in doubt reach out. We are just a group of people figuring this out.  

If you are interested in reading about individual people, I encourage you to go to our team page. You will find that our team spans the gamut from computer programming to special education, with a diverse set of professional experiences and life stories. If you want to view some of our free content, check out our blog!